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Henrick Eriksson-Bland

Founder and owner of moltazdesign


Do you have a store or a place where i can see the ecosystems?


How long do they last/live?


Can i place it in a hair salon, lounge, hotel reception and such?


If i want something specific, or have my own jar, can you build it for me?


I want to sell your ecosystems in my store, salon, nursery ....


I'm not in California, but i would love to have a one.

At the moment we don't have a physical shop, only webshop. 

We have a temporay showroom where you can book an appointment to visit us, and see / purchase your ecosystem.

We are currrently working on have our products shown in other locations, such a as interior stores and more.

To this date the oldest ecosystem in the world, that we know about, is 46 years old and located in England, The ecosystem that we deliver to you is around 1-8 months old. Depending on size and design. Once we build an ecosystem we place them on a "waiting" shelf, to see that the water level is good before delivery.

Yes. Just remember that the plants gonna need a bit of sunlight. But if the salon/hotel reception/ lounge have sunlight coming though the windows there's no problem. (some windows have reflector film on the windows) You might have to turn it every second week.

Yes, we do that a lot. Custom made designs with everything from religious, event, business themes. We even make small dinosaur worlds.

Just send an email and tell us what you want in your ecosystem and we'll build it.If your container/glass jar doesn't have a lid, we can come up with several different solutions. 

Send us an email and also a re-sellers permit. We'll get back you you as soon as possible with more information and terms.

send your request to info@moltazdesigndeco.com

Sorry to say but we can't send them by mail. The ecosystems and terrariums need to be in a upright position all the time. When we send larger amounts to shops and events we can send them in a cool transport, on a pallet.

So today we only ship to Southern California and the Desert area around Palm Springs. Smaller item such as jewlery can be sent by Mr postman. 

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