Build your own ecosystem or terrarium

This is a great gift to yourself or someone you care for. It gives you a great start to build your first ecosystem or terrarium.

With this start up box you have all you need to start your first ecosystem. You will need flowers, but there's a list of flowers we recommend, and full instructions, inside the START UP KIT.

The kit contains: a glass jar (4'x4'x8'), special blend soil, active charcoal, pebbles, sand, decor sand, rocks, and moss. It also includes a water bottle (with alkaline water) , polish cloth and latex gloves..

It's more then enough of everything. If you choose to use your own jar, it's enough for a medium size.

Does not include flowers, plants or trees. (only moss)

WARNING: Contains small parts and glass. This is not for children under 13 years of age. Not a toy.